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I'M IN LOVE WITH THE HONOURABLE MR. SO-AND-SO From the film "Society Lawyer" (1939) (Sam Coslow) Virginia Bruce (Film Soundtrack) - 1939 Artie Shaw & His Orch. (vocal: Helen Forrest) - 1939 Jeri Southern (with the Dave Barbour Trio) - 1954 Teddi King - 1956 Susannah Young - 1967 Also recorded by: Joan Crawford; Frances Langford; Abbe Lane; Sue Raney; Marian McPartland; Andrej Hermlin & His Swing Dance Orch. I'm in love with the honourable Mr. So-And-So I can't mention his name with propriet'ry He's a pillar of Gotham society And the newspaper columnists all would love to know I'm in love with the honourable Mr. So-And-So He goes out with a fashionable Lady So-And-So While they dine and they dance in a swell room I must wait in a stuffy hotel room For the moments so rare, but convenient for him to spare He gets terribly annoyed if he doesn't find me there Why must I be living in a back street Just so he can hide me I long to shout it from the housetops Instead of keeping it all inside me There are so many fascinating places I could go Invitations galore I get nightly "Awfully sorry", I tell them politely I'm in love with the honourable Mr. So-And-So (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2013)


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