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I MISS MY SWISS, MY SWISS MISS MISSES ME Abel Baer (m) L Wolfe Gilbert (l) 1922 also rec by- Harry Reser & his Orch - 1925 The California Ramblers - 1925 The Happiness Boys (Billy Jones & Ernest Hare) - 1925 Paul Whiteman & His Orch. (vocal: John Sperzel) - 1925 Fletcher Henderson's Southern Serenaders (vocal: Billy Jones) - 1925 Golden Gate Orch. (vocal: Arthur Fields) - 1925 Tennessee Happy Boys (vocal: Arthur Hall) - 1925 The Two Gilberts - 1925 Ted Lewis & His Band (Instr.) - 1925 Carlyle Stevenson's Bon Ton Orch. (Instr.) - 1925 Edison Bell Dance Orch. (Instr.) - 1925 Louis Lynel - 1926 (French title "J'ai Perdu ma Suissesse") Kenny Roberts & The Pinetoppers - 1951 Ronnie Ronalde - 1951 Also recorded by: Louis Armstrong; Max McCauley; Wilf Carter; Homocord-Tanz-Orch.; Yodeling Slim Clark; Jerry Jacka Trio; Eddie Peabody; Fritz Schroeder; Carl Fenton's Orch.; Dixy Dance Orch.; Fud Candrix ............ and others. as rec by John Sperzel (vocal) & Fritz Zimmerman (yodel) w Paul Whiteman & his Orch Aug 12th 1925 New York I miss my Swiss, My Swiss miss misses me, I miss the bliss That Swiss kiss gives to me. I hear her yodeling sweet mel-l-l-l-odies, Like the birds, like the bees In the Schweitzer trees. And if papa makes watches that are Swiss, That's why he watches me like this! I lost her in the mountains, In the mountains she must be; I miss my Swiss, My Swiss miss misses me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2011) ******************** As recorded by BILLY JONES & ERNEST HARE (THE HAPPINESS BOYS): EH: Say, bill, the title of this little song is "I Miss My Swiss", isn't it? BJ: Yes, but it has nothing at all to do with Swiss cheese, Ernie. EH: That just reminds me, Bill. What was it you said to that delicatessen store man last night about that Limburger cheese? BJ: I said to him, "How do you sell that Limburger cheese?" And he said, "That's something I often wondered myself" EH: Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah. Well, we'll sing "I Miss My Swiss" BJ: All right! BJ: He was a mountain climber And, oh, how the boy could climb In cold July he climed so high Believe me, I don't lie He almost touched the sky EH: And here's the reason why BJ: She was a shepherd's daughter Who lived on the highest peak Where he'd chase her and she'd chase him And they'd play hide-and-seek EH: One day he lost his sweetheart He looked for her in vain And now this mountain climber BOTH: He's singing this refrain BOTH: I miss (I miss) my Swiss (my Swiss) My Swiss miss misses me I miss (I miss) the bliss (the bliss) That Swiss kiss gives to me EH: I hear a yodeling sweet melody BJ: Oh-da-lay-ee-tee EH: Like the birds and the bees BJ: From the Sweitzer tree BOTH: Her dear (Her dear) Papa (Papa) Makes watches that are Swiss That's why (That's why) He watches me like this BJ: I lost her in the mountains In the mountains she must be BOTH: I miss (I miss) my Swiss (my Swiss) My Swiss miss misses me EH: Pretty song, isn't it? BJ: Very catchy, Ernie BJ: He was a bear in snowshoes And, oh, how the boy could ski He'd ski away, he'd ski all day He'd ski without a guide EH: And she'd ski by his side When they'd ski for a ride BJ: No wonder he's brokenhearted He's lonesome as he can be There's no one now to call his own And he can't ski alone EH: He gave up mountain climbing He couldn't stand the strain And now he's washing windows BOTH: And singing this refrain BJ: Hey, that's quite a drop, isn't it, Ernie, from a mountain climber down to a window washer EH: Hah-hah. I should say it is! Say, Bill, I like the chorus of this song, and I think that you could ding a good obli-obli, what d'you... BJ: Obligatoo? EH: Eh, no, I mean obligoblum. Will we sing it, Bill? BJ: Yes, all right EH: All right EH: I miss my Swiss, my Swiss miss misses me I miss the bliss that Swiss kiss gives to me She was a working girl, down on her knees In her yard, working hard BJ: Punching holes in cheese EH: I looked for her, I nearly broke my scalp I tripped and skipped from Alp to Alp BJ: There must be other climbers Who could tell where she could be EH: I miss my Swiss (My Swiss) BOTH: My Swiss miss misses me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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