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I MISS YOU HONEY, MISS YOU ALL THE TIME (Charles K. Harris, 1911) I can see a picture of a cottage In a valley 'neath a Southern sky, I can see her standing 'mid the flowers. Where we plighted troth, my love and I; Just a lovers quarrel, then we parted, She may love another, I suppose But my heart goes out to her with yearning, And I wonder if my Honey knows. Violets are growing in the meadow, Honey suckles twine around her door, I can see her in the grassy orchard. Over her the pink white blossoms pour; There is something calls me back to Honey, 'T is no use, I'm going home today, Take her in my arms once more and tell her, How I longed to see her and to say. Oh, how I miss you Honey, miss you, Could I only kiss you, kiss you, If I could but hold you in my arms again; For, oh, my heart is sad and weary Just for you, my little dearie, How I miss you, honey, miss you all the time.


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