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I'M MISUNDERSTOOD (Mary Ricca Compton / Emile Ricca) Abe Lyman's Californians (vocal: Louis Rapp) - 1935 Ray Noble & The New Mayfair Dance Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1935 Lanny Ross - 1935 Will Osborne & His Orch. - 1935 Orville Knapp & His Orch. - 1935 Henry Busse & His Montmartre Orch. (vocal: Carl Grayson) - 1935 When you're near I long to sing your praises Use phrases I've heard But suddenly my heart is all a flutter I utter no word I'm afraid you'll never find out Just how much you're on my mind When a timid lover has to fall so It's all so unkind I should whisper I adore you Just as any lover would But I'm always shy before you I'm misunderstood When I try a real proposal Try to say the things I should Words are not at my disposal So, what is the good, I'm misunderstood When I sing a love song tender Maybe I should knock on wood Just to make your heart surrender If I could Surely now my eyes betray it I know I'm in love for good But until my lips can say it I'm misunderstood (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2015)


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