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I'M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU (from "City of Angels") Cy Coleman /David Zippel Mel Torme and Cleo Laine I'm nothing without you Without you i lack what it takes Unless we're combined I have half a mind To blow all my chances and breaks (STINE hands STONE the gun; STONE hands STINE a pencil) Without you i'm bupkis A flop who keeps dropping the ball It's time to stop quaking Start taking the lead And you are the singular buddy i need I'm nothing without you Without you i'm nothing... (STONE gestures "Wait!," X's to the desk, sits at the typewriter) STONE: (Spoken, to STINE) Let's give this a Hollywood ending! (HE strikes a few keys on the typewriter and the giant doors at the back of the sound stage open to admit GABBY, who joins them, to the delight of the COMPANY, now unfrozen) STINE, STONE & GABBY: (Sing) I'm nothing without you STONE: No hero STINE: A zero STINE & STONE: That's me GABBY: With you by my side STONE: There's no better guide ALL THREE: On how to be all i can be I'm nowhere without you To doubt you is where i went wrong The script calls for fusing and using our smarts (As STINE, STONE and GABBY get on the crane platform:) And greatness can come from the sum of our parts (The ENTIRE COMPANY joins in) ALL: >From now and with on i'm with you You is where i belong (Contributed by - September 2008)


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