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I'M OLGA FROM THE VOLGA From the film "Thin Ice" (1937) (Lyrics: Mack Gordon / Music: Harry Revel) Joan Davis (Film Soundtrack) - 1937 I'm Olga from the Volga I'm Olga from the Volga The buttered toast of ev'ry vodka bar Ev'rywhere I walk about You will hear the people shout "There's Volga Olga, she plays fiddle for the Czar" Oh, I fiddle for the Czar I fiddle for the Czar In Petrograd in a cabaret, wo came there to hear me play All the regal ladies and their illegal gents The finest of nobility, and they tip me royally "Here's two million roubles," That's exactly thirty cents The Czar himself would call around ev'ry night at seven Then, hey! hey! I would play "A Czar Fell Out of Heaven" Oh, I would be so happy that I would swell with pride For a king can do no wrong, but a couple o' times he tried Oh, when I see his highness, my heart is all a-flutter Well, I get so excited, oh, I stammer and I stutter I'm Olg-g-ga from the Volga I'm Olg-g-ga from the Volga The p-p, the pride of ev'ry v-vulgar Volga boatman I w-want to go to Am-merica, I t-tried so very hard Well, I'll give you every v-vulgar boatman f For the B-B-Brook-Brooklyn Navy Yard Oh, I'm Olga from the Volga I'm Olga from the Volga I am known both near and far When the queen is not around Ev'ry night I can be found Playing on my fiddle for the Czar, hey! hey! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2017)


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