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I'M ON MY WAY TO MANDALAY (Al. Bryan / Fred Fisher, 1913) One I love, far away, far away, far away, Land of Love, Mandalay Mandalay, Mandalay, Where the waving trees kiss the ocean breeze In a garden fair, 'mid the roses there, I'm goin' to find someone who waits for me across the sea. All night long, by the sea, by the sea, by the sea, Her love song Rings for me, rings for me, rings for me, All the world will seem just a lovely dream, And I'll never stray far from Mandalay, I'll live for one who lives alone for me in days to be. I'm on my way to Mandalay, Beneath the shelt'ring palms I want to stray, Oh, let me live and love for aye, On that Island far away; I'm sentimental for my Oriental love, so sweet and gentle, That's why I'm on my way to Mandalay, I've come to say "Good-bye."


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