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I'M SORRY I'LL BE BUSY ALL NEXT WEEK (Words by John Gilroy / Music by Harry Linton, 1902) An ebony tinted maid of affectation is loved by a gent of tawny hue, she gave to him a standing invitation, saying "Call and I'll be always in for you." After she had spent most of his money, he said, "Don't leave me in this world alone, could I call to see you once next week, my honey?" this excuse she offered in regretful tone: He easily hid from her occupation, till into jail they threw this maiden dear, for counterfeit coins of this great nation, as the money that she took from him was queer. She was tried in court by judge and jury, she thought the tawny gent would come to speak, but he sent this note that drove her in a fury, "Goodbye, my gal, I'm busy all next week." Monday I'll be busy all the day, Tuesday I'm going far away, Wednesday is the day that I study my French, Thursday is for music, you would in trench,... Friday I must paint a little bit, Saturday in the dentist's chair I'll sit, Sunday is for church, salvation I must seek, I'm sorry, I'll be busy all next week.


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