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I'M SURE (Lyrics : Doug Ready) Doug Ready & Jericho - Copyright renewed 2001 Douglas Meredith Ready Well, I'm sure he's got a lot that he can offer you And I'm sure he's Mr. Wonderful as well I'm sure he's really, truly deep in love with you But the way he treats you, girl, it's hard to tell (Chorus) Well, I'm sure the sun comes up once every morning And the moon and stars hang in a nighttime sky And I'm sure they all can see the darkness forming In the way he always seems to make you cry I'm sure he certainly has good intentions And I'm sure he works his fingers to the bone And I'm sure he thinks he has the right to prowl around And forget that every night you're on your own (Chorus) I'm sure he very nearly really cares for you Almost as much as he cares for himself And I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you found a life of your own Let me know, girl, if you need a little help (Chorus)


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