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I'M THE CARING KIND Benny Carter / Irving Gordon as rec by Maxine Sullivan w Benny Carter & his All Star Orch Jan 8th 1946 New York also rec by- The Drifters '50 (possibly not THE Drifters!) Billy Eckstine 'Cause I'm the caring kind, I shouldn't care but I'm the caring kind, My loving you gets me nowhere; You're not the kind to care, And I'm the caring kind. Oh I'm the weeping kind, The "stay at home and get no sleeping" kind. The kind who never will be smart Until you break my heart, 'Cause I'm the caring kind. I keep hopin' when tomorrow comes, my love, He'll be as close as two can be, But I know I'll wind up with the crumbs of love; Still it's good enough for me! 'Cause I'm the caring kind, And darling, just as long as you don't mind, I'll take my chances in a mood, Living from kiss to feud, 'Cause I'm the caring kind. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2012)


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