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I'M THE ONLY MAN ON THE ISLAND (Bob Merrill / Dave Mann) Vic Damone - 1958 Tommy Steele - 1958 I'm the only man on the island The only man on the island To a hundred and fifty native girls I'm the King of the Coral Sea When my sailboat sank in the ocean How quick they came to my rescue They haven't had a man to hula for Since nineteen-forty-three Oh-oh-oh, it's nice, livin' in a tropical paradise They cook me all kinds of food And pour sweet wime in my cup So if I'm dreamin', I don't wanna wake up Well, hey number one girl, wave that fan Hey number two girl, hold my hand Hey number three girl, kiss me sweet Hey number four girl, rub my feet Hey number five girl, bake some pies Hey number six girl, swat them flies Hey number seven girl, sweep the shack Hey number eight girl, scratch my back I'm the only man on the island The only man on the island There's a hundred and fifty girls to love Underneath the coconut tree And the only man on the island is me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2006)


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