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I'M WAITING FOR SHIPS THAT NEVER COME IN (Jack Yellen / Abe Olman) Art Gilham - 1927 Franklyn Baur - 1928 Maurice J. Gunsky - 1928 Gene Krupa & His Orch. - 1940 Kay Starr - 1955 Mac Wiseman - 1956 Moon Mullican - 1958 Ernest Tubb - 1959 Jim Reeves - 1961 Also recorded by: Bing Crosby; Damita Jo; Bob Wills. I'm waiting for ships that never come in I wonder where they can be... Life is only a game of poker And "happiness" is the pot Fate deals you five cards in the cradle And you play, whether you like it or not Some get a pat hand to start with And the game doesn't seem on the square When you look at your hand and discover You were born without even a pair But there's no use in kicking or squawking Just pick up your cards and begin To figure and plan and puzzle While Fate looks on with a grin Some take a chance at bluffing And stake everything they've got On a dinky little four-flush And, sometimes, it wins the pot Others will break up openers To draw for a middle straight They know what a chance they're taking And they learn their mistake too late Some can't help playing crooked Against all good advice But they seldom get away with it And in the end, they'll pay the price The most of us play straight poker But I tell you, boys, it's hard When you're there with both ends open And you can't draw the winning card Now I've always been a loser It seems that I never can win And I'm just a dreamer who's Waiting for ships that never come in I wonder where they can be


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