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IN 11 MORE MONTHS AND 10 MORE DAYS Billy Cotton & His Band/Vocals: Alan Breeze I’m in the lock-up 20 days, just 20 days ago I met the judge, the kind old judge, who was feeling fine and so He gave me just a year in jail A sociable sort of gink All on account of a gallon of beer that I thought I could drink (Chorus) In 11 more months and 10 more days I’ll be out of the calaboose In 11 more months and 10 more days They’re going to turn me loose The other day, the warden said We’d like to bring you cheer And give you lots of different sports While you are stopping here Now just what athletics do you think that you would you like? I said - if it’s all the same to you I’d like to go on an ‘ike (Chorus) Now we play football once a week And you should see the score Every player steals a goal He’s stolen things before There’s lots of folks Who’d like to see us when we play But they built a wall around the place To keep the crowds away (Chorus) (Spoken slowly) One dreary winter’s evening When the place was covered in gloom There came an ominous rumbling >From the prisoners’ dining room “Oh, the food is simply atrocious here I much prefer Sing-Sing” There were shouts and roars And banging of doors And bells began to ring (That’s enough!) It was mutiny in the prison – a terrible sin The warden ran to the dining room To try and stop the din And what do you think he saw there When at last he did get in? A man was on top of a table Doing a song and a dance He shouted to the warden “Here – I won the Treble Chance” The warden’s face turned purple And he bellowed out: Oh heck You can’t leave here for another year So how will you cash the cheque? (Chorus)


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