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IN A HUPMOBILE FOR TWO Lyrics: James Brady - Music: Russell Alexander Brady & Alexander Joey O'Neil sat at the wheel Of his brand new Hupmobile; Kitty, his bride, sat by his side; 'Twas a mooney, spooney spiel. "Where shall I steer?" said Joe to his dear. Said she, "Joe, we can't go wrong If you keep in sight of this bright moonlight While I sing this song to you..." (Chorus) In a Hupmobile for two, Where there's only room for two, We will ride, ride, ride - Gee, I'm happy with you by my side. In a Hupmobile with you, We will glide our whole life through. We can kiss, we can squeeze, We can go where we please In a Hupmobile for two. Uphill and down, from town to town, Such a honeymooning haste; One arm like steel, holding the wheel, And the other 'round her waist. Said he, "Let's back to our homeward track." Said she, "No, I think it bliss, So I'll be the queen of this nice machine Because home is not like this." (Chorus) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - April 2009)


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