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IN A LONG WHITE ROOM (Martin Charnin / C Ballard Jr) as recorded by Nancy Wilson 1969 In a long white room with no beginning and no end, With no calendars or clocks, we have time to spend, So we grow tomorrow's flowers in yesterday's pot, We age just a little 'cause we touch a lot, And maybe we're married and maybe we're not, But we're there in a long white room. In a long white room that maybe might have been a loft, But our talking's always hard, but the breathing's always soft. We will tuck each other in and dream about trains; You'll call me 'Beauty' and I'll call you 'Brains', But no one's comparing so no one complains, Being there in a long white room. In a long white room, a room that no one ever finds, We will bring each other books, but we'll read each other's minds, And we'll do what must be done and share what must be shared, We'll hide what must be hidden and air what can be aired, We aren't that sure but we aren't that scared, We will grow in a long white room, In a long white room, In a long white room! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2016)


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