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IN-BETWEEN Roger Edens 1938 Judy Garland w Victor Young & his Orch rec July 28th 1939 Hollywood Fifteen thousand times a day, I hear a voice within me say, "Hide yourself behind a screen, You shouldn't be heard, you shouldn't be seen, You're just an awful in-between!". That's what I am, an in-between, It's just like smallpox quarantine! I can't do this, I can't go there, I'm just a circle in a square, I don't fit in anywhere! I'm past the stage of doll and carriage, I'm not the age to think of marriage; I'm too old for toys And I'm too young for boys, I'm just an in-between! I'm not a child, all children bore me, I'm not grown-up, grown-ups ignore me, And in every sense I'm just on the fence, I'm just an in-between! I'll be glad when momma lets me go to dances And have romances. I'll be glad to have a party dress that boys will adore, A dress that touches the floor. I'm sick and tired of bedtime stories, I'm so inspired by love and glories, But I guess it's no use, I still get Mother Goose! I'm just an in-between! I'm allowed to go to picture shows, That is, if nurse is feeling able; But we only go to Mickey Mouse, I'm not allowed Clark Gable! It's such an imposition For a girl who's got ambition To be an in-between! My dad says I should bother more About my lack of Grammar; Huh! The only thing that bothers me Is my lack of glamour! Why, if I use a lipstick and a powder puff, Who knows, I might be Garbo, (in the rough) Instead of in-beteen! I'll be glad when uncle Jim Can't call me "Precious child!", That simply drives me wild! I'll be glad to have a date That doesn't grow on a tree, A date that's not history. I'll be so glad when I have grown some, All by myself I get so lonesome, And I hope and pray For the day When I'll be sweet sixteen, Then I won't have to be an in-beteen! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2008)


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