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IN DEAR OLD DIXIE I LONG TO BE (George Thomas Stoddard, 1907) When the evening shadows lengthen and the sun has gone to rest And the stars begin to shed their tiny rays Then my thoughts turn back to Dixie to the land I love best And I seem to see the scenes of other days I can see my dear old mother standing in the cottage door Thro' her snow white hair the Southern breezes blow But 'tis just a dream of boyhood of the days gone long before In Dixie where the cotton blossoms grow How often thro' the wildwood with my sweetheart by my side We have stroll'd together whisp'ring words of love For 'twas there that gentle Annie promised me she'd be my bride While the silv'ry moon shone tho' the trees above But those happy days have long since fled and I am sad and lone My heart is sad and tears be dim my eyes Now I want to lie in Southland when my sands of life are run In Dixie where my gentle Annie lies My dear old Dixie so dear to me My dear old Southland I long to see The birds sing sweeter in every tree In dear old Dixie I long to be.


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