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INDIANA QUARRY /THE MIKE TYSON SONG Steve Varno / Jim Piccolli Miss Rhode Island thought she was goin on a date and Mike said "Baby you're up here way too late. She said "no please don't" to the champ. but he threw down on her as if she were a tramp. The DA said he came on way too strong and Mike said, Judge she wanted it all along. And the jury said we ain't a buyin your story, now you can break rocks in an Indiana quarry. Three long years in the Indiana pen. It was over and he was champ again, he no longer pondered his past glory, breakin rocks in an Indiana quarry. Mike came back and said I've got no fear. But he knew he couldn't win so he bit the other guys ear. He lost the belt and with it all its glory. Looks like he'll be headin back to that Indiana quarry Breakin rocks in an Indiana quarry. (Contributed by Steve Varno - October 2019)


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