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I NEED LOVIN' (Henry Creamer / James P. Johnson) Fletcher Henderson & His Orch. - 1926 The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks - 1926 The Goofus Five - 1926 Blanche Calloway with Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy - 1931 Jimmy Noone & His Band - 1931 Blanche Calloway & Her Joy Boys - 1934 Also recorded by: Keith Nichols Cotton Club Orch. Marty Grosz & The Hot Winds I need lovin', that's what I crave I need lovin', I can't behave I need attention and I need quite a lot And what it takes to give attention, I've got I need petting into your arms I've got to get it somehow Say, don't you make me hesitate Take me, baby, I can't wait I need some lovin' now Now, I'm sweet sixteen and never been kissed Come on, show me what I've missed I need some lovin'; Do you think I'm made of wood? It's too darn lonesome when you're good I gotta have some lovin' I'm a rag, a bone, a hank of hair I forget, baby, I don't care I need some lovin' Oh, boys, let's go back, can't stand I need some lovin' now (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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