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I NEVER FELT BETTER From the film "Athena" (1954) (Hugh Martin / Ralph Blane) Debbie Reynolds & Jane Powell (Film Soundtrack) - 1954 DEBBIE: When I try makin' money, I never have much luck I never earn a dime, much less a buck Are my finances in a mess, yes But I never felt better, so I couldn't care less I don't puy Polo ponies or fly a private plane I never order beer, much less Champagne But do I need a lot o' dough, no 'Cause I never felt better, so I couldn't feel low Not low No! No! I'm high Hi, here's why I never have a worry, I never have a care About what I should buy or what to wear And do I find my future bright, right 'Cause I never felt better and I'm doin' all right When Summer's at its hottest, the rain must keep me cool 'Cause I don't own a creek, much less a pool What do I do when warm as toast, boast That I never felt better, so I simply won't roast When Winter's at its coldest, I shiver and I shriek I haven't got a coat, much less a mink But does that mean I'm losin' hope, nope 'Cause I never felt better, tell me why should I mope Why mope Hoh, huh-huh-huh No soap Won't cry, not I Days I go out shoppin', I buy each thing I see I charge 'em, then I feel I got 'em free So where will I receive my mail, jail But I never felt better, so I'm cruisin' full sail JANE: The thing most people love to do is worry They dearly love to worry and complain So let me check my list and see if I have missed A possible source of misery and pain (A possible source of misery and pain) JANE: How's your appetite DEBBIE: Tremendous JANE: How's your energy DEBBIE: Stupendous JANE: Are you strong DEBBIE: So strong I have to watch my step DEBBIE: How're your eyes JANE: Bright as a penny DEBBIE: And your sleep JANE: 'Cause I'm always on the ball and full of pep (How's your heart) JANE: It must be tickin' 'cause I feel alive and kickin' (How's your brain) JANE: Well, it's insane DEBBIE: But kind of quick (How's your lovelife) JANE: I got plenty, how's your vision DEBBIE: Twenty-twenty, must confess that I'm depressingly unsick DEBBIE: If I'm to cross the ocean, I'd better learn to float I can't afford a raft, much less a boat But would I love to see Paree, weeeh Still I never felt better, so Pomona suits me And Heidelberg would thrill me I'd buy a dress of chintz and go right out and land a student prince But will I ever cross the Rhine, nein Still I never felt better, so the beach will do fine I no rhyme, that's fine Won't see Paree I haven't got a worry, I haven't got a care About what I should buy or what to wear Got no diamond solitaire, so what, you know what I consider diamonds kind o' square Besides I never felt better, I never felt better No, I never felt better and I'm walkin' on air (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2018)


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