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IN MY LITTLE BOTTOM DRAWER (Will E Haines / Maurice Beresford / Jimmy Harper 1928) as recorded by Gracie Fields with piano accompaniment (note - originally recorded by Gracie in 1934, this is a later recording) [spoken] This is for all the little brides, brides like myself who are hoping to soon be married. [sung] For years and years I've been a lonely spinster on the shelf, I'm right fed up with spending all me money on meself! I'm all prepared for married life, its secrets I've been taught, And here's some little odds and ends I've been and gone and bought. One bridal gown, One eiderdown, I've been saving up since eighteen ninety four! Got me ribbons and me bows And me these and thems and those, All packed up in me little bottom drawer! One baby's cot, One flower pot, Where I've planted a rambling rose bush for the door. Got a motto for the wall, It says "heaven help us all", All packed up in me little bottom drawer! Got a pianer, under the staircase, And I'm teaching meself to play "The Maiden's Prayer". One toilet set, One bassinet, Now I'm waiting for love to open up the door. Got me Aristotle's works And a case of eggs from Burks, All packed up in me little bottom drawer! I've answered every advert in The Matrimonial Times, I've bought me own confetti and a set of wedding chimes. At night I count me treasures just to see they haven't strayed; I'm very patriotic, every one is British made! One chiffonier, One keg o' beer, And some orange and purple lino for the floor. Got a new pyjama set Made of bright red flannelette, All packed up in me little bottom drawer! One Persian rug, One china jug, And some beautiful silverware from Woolworth's store. With a book by Doctor Fife On how to be a perfect wife, All packed up in me little bottom drawer! We'll have a bathroom, Oh what a bathroom, And a beautiful bath where we can keep the coal. Horse shoe for luck, A pail for the muck, And a President Hoover's cleaner for the floor! If me plans all go to pot, I can sell the bloomin' lot, All packed up in me little bottom drawer! [spoken] It's a very sad song, I think! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2014)


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