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IN SAN DOMINGO (Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / Ted Snyder, 1917) "Chickee Choo," that was all she said to me; "Chickee Choo," on an island in the sea; I was blue, just as blue as I could be; But "Chickee Choo," seemed to cheer me instantly. Out of a million or more, Who come to visit the shore; It really seemed like fate, that she should wait for me; Out on that tropical isle, I had to linger awhile, She won me with her smile; It had to be. "Chickee Choo," every time she whispered this; "Chickee Choo," I would steal a little kiss; All the while, I just had to wear a smile; For "Chickee Choo," seemed to fill my heart with bliss. It wasn't just what she said, That seemed to go to my head; She was a little bear, and here and there was less; Although she wiggled around, She never covered much ground, When she said, "Chickee Choo," I answered "yes." In San Domingo 'neath starry skies, I couldn't understand her "lingo," But I could read this in her eyes (Chickee Choo, I love you) One day by "jingo"! I held her hand; And I could feel my heart go "bingo" Down in San Domingo Land.


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