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IN THE BEAUTIFUL SEASIDE AIR (Walter Donaldson / William Tracey) Billy Murray - 1916 Fellows I want to advise you How to win your girl's heart Certain tricks you should be wise to Llearn them before you start Never make love by the bright fireside If you're real anxious to take a bride Don't get together in cold Winter weather Just wait 'til the Summer comes 'round Take your girl where the beautiful seaside breezes blow On a warm summer's night while you sit there and spoon There's nobody looking but the man in the moon Although the beach is damp and sandy You'll find a cozy corner handy If your heart is true She'll know just what to do In the beautiful seaside air You'll quickly find the reason Why everyone goes there Cupid is busy each season Down in the seaside air Don't go in search of a foreign clime Stay right at home at vacation time Pass up the mountains and cream soda fountain There's one trip you're bound to enjoy Take your girl where the beautiful seaside breezes blow You can have lots of fun if you follow the bunch Just take an umbrella and a basket of lunch If there's a couple nearby dozing Don't let that keep you from proposing Stick around and be game They're all doing the same In the beautiful seaside air (Contributed by - May 2007)


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