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IN THE EVENING WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN Huddy Ledbetter Huddy Ledbetter In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down Trk 15 Disc 1 (Leroy Carr) Huddie Ledbetter Huddie Ledbetter - vocal & guitar w/Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee Album: The Essential by Allegro Classic Blues CBL 200003 Spoken: When your good gal done quit ya And the sun is going down You sit down in your swing And then you're gonna sing In the evening, in the evening Baby, when the sun goes down In the evening, baby when the sun goes down Well, ain't it lonesome, man ain't happy, Sonny Boy When your love is not around Oh, when the sun goes down Last night I laid sleeping I was thinking to myself Last night I lay there sleepin' I was thinkin' to myself Thinkin 'bout the one that we loved best, gone Mistreat you for somebody else Oh, when the sun goes down Sun rises in the east It sets in the west Sun rising east, Sonny Boy Said take me in the west Well, ain't it hard to tell, your heart to *car' Which ones that will fit you the best Oh, when the sun goes down 'wail ya's Woo, hittin' me Oh, ooh, oh Hoo, hittin' you Love, is cold, Sonny Hoo, gettin' mean Lordy! Goodbye, my old sweetheart Where have you been? Yeah, just went away I may be back there, see you again Some rainy day Well, in the ev'nin, in the ev'nin, baby Honey, when the sun goes down Oh, when the sun goes down. ~ *carry (Transcriber: Awcantor - March 2008)


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