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IN THE HEART OF THE DARK >From the Broadway Musical "Very Warm For May" (1939) (Music: Jerome Kern / Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II) Hollace Shaw (Broadway Production) - 1939 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: Larry Stewart) - 1939 Warren Galjour - 1955 Andrea Marcovicci - 1992 Kim Criswell - 1992 As recorded by WARREN GALJOUR: Silent evening falls in a mist on a distant hill The voices of day are still and I’m alone Silent, waiting, while the romances of fancy Fill the world that I own, when I am alone In the heart of the dark I know a dream’s on it’s way to bring me you And soon you arrive, the moon in your hair The night is alive, while you are there In the heart of the dark I know the sun’s on it’s way to steal my dream I know that you will fade in the light And all I can do is wait for the night Is wait for the night Wait for the night To bring me you (Contributed by David Story - August 2016) (Contributed by David Story - August 2016)


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