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IN THE LAND O' YAMO YAMO (Funiculi - Funiculi - Funicula) (Words by Joe McCarthy / Music by Fred Fisher, 1917) There's a place that you never can trace in Geography, come on with me, come on and see, if you haven't been there I'm sure you'll declare that you ought to be it's so much like old Napoli. Wine and song are flowing along like a melody, in Napoli, come on with me, the girls are fair and everything there is in harmony It's the one place on Earth to be. In the land o' Yamo, Yamo, Funiculi, Funiculi, Funicula Lights are blinking, while you're drinking, it's the place where the goodfellows are, Good bye to all your sorrows, you never hear them talk about war, in the land of Yamo, Yamo, Funiculi, Funiculi, Funicula.


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