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IN THE SHADE OF THE OLD APPLE TREE (Harry Williams / Egbert Van Alstyne) Henry Burr - 1905 Albert Campbell - 1905 The Haydn Quartet - 1905 Columbia Quartet - 1905 Arthur Pryor's Band - 1905 Duke Ellington - 1933 Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers - 1937 Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters - 1937 Pete Fountain & New Orleans All Stars - 1962 Hylo Brown - 1963 Moms & Dads - 1990 New Orleans Hot Shots - 2003 Also recorded by: Alma Cogan; Jan & Kjeld; Benny Goodman; Milton Brown; Aces of Syncopation; Jim Robinson's New Orleans Band; The Empire Quartette; The Ink Spots; Miguelito Valdés; G. W. Kennedy; Jim Robinson: ............. and others. The oriole with joy was sweetly singing The little brook was babbling it's tune The village bells at noon were gaily ringing The world seem'd brighter than a harvest moon For there within my arms I gently pressed you And blushing red, you slowly turned away I can't forget the way I once caressed you I only pray we'll meet another day I've really come a long way from the city And though my heart's breaking I'll be brave I've brought this bunch of flowr's, I think they're pretty To place upon a freshly moulded grave If you will show me, Father, where she's lying Or if it's far, just point it out to me Said he, "She told us all when she was dying To bury her beneath the apple tree" In the shade of the old apple tree Where the love in your eyes I could see When the voice that I heard, like the song of the bird Seem'd to whisper sweet music to me I could hear the dull buzz of the bee In the blossoms as you said to me With a heart that is true, I'll be waiting for you In the shade of the old apple tree ****************** PARODY No.1: Part of the lyric as recorded by BILLY MURRAY c.1906 So I climbed up the old apple tree For a pie was a real thing to me She stood down below With her apron spread "so" To catch all the apples, you see It looked like a picnic for me But just then the limb broke; holy gee! And I broke seven bones And half-killed Maggie Jones In the shade of the old apple tree ***************** PARODY No.2: Now you know my daddy he was quite a fighter My mother she was quite a fighter too Especially while fighting with poor father When she used to beat him black and blue Paw would find a soft place in the woodshed Just to sleep his little cares away There is one good thing about my dear old parents In the house thry's never fight as I can say They'd go out 'neath the old apple tree Where there was lots more room don't you see Then maw would start in with a big rolling pin And beat father 'til he couldn't see In the fight they upset the bee hive And they found that them bees were alive They didn't sting Paw, those bees they stung Maw In the shade of the old apple tree **************** PARODY No.3: Hey I thought I'd take a bath in the water Fer a bath I hadn't had in a month or so Fer the bath I didn't want to spend a quarter So I went down to the creek where it was low And I laid my clothes beside an apple tree, there And then I got in to an awful fix For and old maid came and sat right down beside me And right there she stayed from one o'clock till six In the shade of that old apple tree In water just up to my knees And I had to sit down, while she was around Till only my face she did see The mosquitoes were bitin' my nose And the turtles were bitin' my toes But there I did stay, till she went away From the shade of that old apple tree ***************** PARODY No.4: 'Neath the crust of the old apple pie There is something for you and for I It may be a pin that the cook has left in Or it may be a wee little fly Oh, it may be an old rusty nail Or a piece of the puppy dog's tail But whate'er it may be, it's for you and for me 'Neath the crust of the old apple pie *****************


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