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IN THE VALLEY OF THE NILE (Dave Radford / Richard Whiting, 1915) Down where the Nile flows so dreamily where Cleopatra met Anthony, There's a sweet Egyptian maid who is waiting patiently. And in my dreams I seem to see here waiting there, There never bloomed a tropic flow'r so rare; I hear her calling plaintively "Come back, my love, to me!" The moon shines bright on the pyramids, The lotus flowers have closed their lids, Thro' the bright Egyptian night I can hear her calling me. The dreamy river whispers to her of my love, The nightbirds sing a welcome from above; My heart is longing constantly, I'd give the world to be: Where the dreamy Nile is flowing, She's waiting there for me; Waiting thro' the lonely hours There beside the lotus flow'rs But she knows just how my heart is yearning to kiss her, I miss her own sweet smile; Someday my caravans will cross the desert sands, And take me to my dark eyed sweet heart, Down in the Valley of the Nile.


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