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INVITATION TO THE BLUES (Allan Roberts / Arthur Gershwin / Doris Fisher) as recorded by Julie London with Russ Garcia & his Orchestra 1957 My heart was all dressed up to go dancing, I had a brand new shine on my news; The roses you sent for, The line that I went for, Was just an invitation to the blues! The very thought of love was entrancing, I figured I had nothin' to lose, Your smile so elusive, Your kiss so exclusive, Was just an invitation to the blues! I went to town, Priced a wedding gown, Put my little red book on the shelf. Hired a hall, Got the band and all, Then marched down the aisle by myself! I guess you can't depend on romancing, It puts your heart right down in your shoes! Instead of a wedding For which I was heading, I got an invitation to the blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2014)


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