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INVITATION TO LIFE MieFróes - 1977 Every time I think of life I say to myself that I I've got everything I've dreamed about and so much more! I've got the whole wide world, the moolight and the stars, and I can say that people make all the wonders and joys of life! Wish that everybody could see things from the brighter side: We've got everything to find the beauty we look for! We've got the universe, we've got the seas and skies, and we have got the people who make the wonders and joys of life! Fancy the days when all hearts together will come closer! Fancy the times when life will be sweeter, sweeter! Fancy that love will be the guiding star: we'll have men that look at each other right in the eye! Life's an invitation that no one should refuse to try! It's got everything to give and little to demand. It's got the melody of birds in harmony, and it's got all the people: and I can hear music in their eyes! Yes, I can hear music in their eyes! Yes, friend, I hear music in your eyes!


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