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INVITATION TO NORTH AMERICAY (Traditional English) There is many a family of late that has gone Away to New York, father, mother and son; Let us likewise follow and make no delay, For 'tis much cheaper living in North Americay. The farmers in England sell there corn so dear, They do what they can to starve the poor here. They send it to France, which sure is not right To feed other nations that against us do fight. Come all you bold Britons, wherever you be, I would have you draw near and listen to me. The times they get harder in England ev'ry day; It is much better living in North Americay. Why do we stay here for to be their slaves, When in Nova Scotia we can do as we please; For who'd work in England for ten pence a day, When we can get four shillings in North Americay. The landlords in England do raise the lands high, It forces some farmers abroad for to fly; If times grow no better, I'll venture to say, Poor men had better go to North Americay. Observe then good people what to you I've told, What a plague is in England by short weight of gold. With bad silver and halfpence, believe what I say, There's nothing of this in North Americay. The priests in England come into the field, They tithe as they please, you dare not but yield, This is no great hardship, you believe, I dare say. But we'll have no taxes in North Americay. There's many a farmer you very well know, That went to New York but a few years ago, Have bought land and houses; who now would here stay, But go and make fortunes in North Americay. Manufactures in England are grown very bad, For weavers and combers no work's to be had. But let's go abroad, I dare venture to say, They'll find us employment in North Americay. So here's a health to George our gracious king, I hope none will take amiss the song that I sing; Then lads and lasses now come away, And ship yourselves to North Americay.


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