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INVITATION TO THE DANCE Carl Maria von Weber Adapted Charles Henderson Deanna Durbin 1939 As sung by Deanna Durbin in the film Three Nice Girls Grow Up 1939 Director: Henry Koster Leads: Deanna Durbin/Charles Winninger/Nan Grey 2nd of the 'Three Smart Girls' films Night brings gay dreams Gone are day dreams While we dance All the world becomes A garden of romance and moonlight On this June night Love sends an invitation to the dance. (Durbin hums) At love's call One and all Are captured and enraptured. (Durbin hums) Love sends an invitation to the dance. Music playing (Durbin hums) While we're swaying (Durbin hums) Youth has a gay time When life is May time Then comes a day When it fades away. (Durbin hums) These magic hours of moonlight And flowers are flying on They'll soon be gone. (Durbin hums) Nows a chance for sweet romance. (Durbin hums) (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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