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I ONLY MISS HER WHEN I THINK OF HER (James Van Heusen (m) / Sammy Cahn (l) 1965) Frank Sinatra 1965 Also sung by: Tony Bennett Dwight Townsend Harry Connick Jr. Buddy Greco Bobby Darin James Van Heusen Dennis Bono Alvin Tyler Frank Lamphere Dennis Bono From the November 13th 1965 Broadway musical Skyscraper Leads: Julie Harris (her first musical) / Peter Marshall / Charles Nelson Reilly This musical is based on the 1945 Elmer Rice play called ‘Dream Girl’. I'll only miss her, when I think of her And I'll think of her, all the time Likely I'll spend my days , hearing her turn of phrase Things I found hard to praise, right now, would seem sublime. The truth is... I'll only miss her, when some stranger laughs 'Cause it's still her laugh, my heart hears Maybe in time, I guess, the longing will grow, the slightest bit less And there will be moments, yes , when it disappears. I'll bet I'll forget her completely, in about a hundred years. (Transcribed by David Story - September 2013)


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