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I POURED MY HEART INTO A SONG from "Second Fiddle" film 1939 sb Rudy Vallee Irving Berlin Helen Forrest w Artie Shaw & his Orch also- Rudy Vallee 39 Elsie Carlisle Steve Conway Tony Brent Rosemary Squires 61 I poured my heart into a song, And when you hear it, please remember from the start You won't be hearing just the words of a song, Tou will be listening to my heart. I poured my heart into a song, And I'm afraid the words I chose are not so smart; I couldn't think of clever things to say in my song, I had to say it with my heart. If it's never played On the hit parade, It will still contain a heart that is beating true. If it's not a hit I won't mind a bit, Long as it conveys a love that I bear for you. Oh, here is my heart wrapped in a song, And if you take it please don't tear my song apart, For if you do you won't be just destroying a song, You will be tearing up my heart. (Contributed by Peter Akers - May 2008)


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