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I RAISED MY HAT (Music: Franz Steininger / Lyrics: Edward Pola) Rudy Vallee & His Connecticurt Yankees - 1933 Adrian Rollini & His Orch. - 1933 Guy Lombardo & His Royal canadians - 1933 Enric Madriguera & His Orch. (vocal: Bob Bunch) - 1933 Roy Fox & His Band (vocal: Sid Buckman) - 1933 Harry Roy & His Orch. - 1933 Charlie Kunz & The Casani Club Band (vocal: Phyllis Robins) - 1933 Jay Wilbur & His Band (vocal: Brian Lawrence & Cecile Petrie) - 1933 Sam Robbins & His Hotel McAlpin Orch. - 1934 It was a lovely summer evening And I was feeling gay I picked up my gloves, put on my hat Started right on my way It was a lovely summer evening And when I reminisce I can see it all, and I recall It happened something like this The sky was full of moon The Moon was full of smiles And I was full of joy and ecstasy So I raised my hat, she raised her eyes It was easy as A-B-C The trees were full of birds The birds were full of song The song kept saying, "Kiss her tenderly" So I raised my eyes, she raised her lips And now she belongs to me I said, "Would you like to cuddle, Would you like a little bit of love?" She said, "Of course I'd like to cuddle, What'd'you think that I am made of?" And now we've got a house The house is full of rooms Of course, you know, we've got a nursery 'Cause I raised my hat, she raised her eyes Now we're raising a family (Transcribed by Mel Priddle -March 2017)


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