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I REALLY LEARNED HOW TO FLY (Zoot Money / Andy Somers) Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - 1965 Now when I met you I learned things, oh, so few I learned how to love I really learned how to cry But since you're not around My feet are draggin' on the ground This is no lie I really learned how to cry Now when you came by I finally found the reason why Guys went insane Waiting for their girls in the rain The sun shone from your eyes And disappeared from my skies Now I know why I really learned how to cry (Instrumental Break) Now I look to the sky So many diff'rent birds go by But when I see love It's like there's only silver doves And when you come back to stay Together we will fly away Then I'll know why I've really learned how to fly Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooooh Learned how to fly Never gonna cry (Transcribed by Jean-Marie Del Fabbro and Mel Priddle - February 2007) (Contributed by - February 2007)


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