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IRENE WILDE Ian Hunter When I was just sixteen - I stood waiting for a dream - at Barker Street bus station every night When I tried to get it on - she just looked at me with scorn - my courage turned to dust and I took flight For those looks they seemed to say You ain't nuthin' - Go away You're just a face in the crowd so I went home and I vowed I'm gonna be somebody - someday Her name was Irene Wilde - Oh such beauty for a child When she started dating boys - I nearly died For I could not barely stand to see someone hold her hand I felt I had to crawl away and hide In my mother's living room I composed so many tunes All the same - just a frame - for her name, and just to say Gonna be somebody - someday Wild as your name I soon left that country town I been around, seen some fame, seen some ups and seen some downs Smile through your shock when you hear your name aloud It's that face in the crowd - didn't dig it - much too proud... When I was just sixteen I stood waiting for a dream A Barker Street bus station non affair At the time it seemed so sad, but it did not turn out bad If you hadn't messed me up I'd still be there And I think most folks agree, a little put-down makes them see They ain't no chain - just a link and that's why you made me think Gonna be somebody - be somebody - be somebody - someday


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