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I SEE A MILLION PEOPLE [But All I Can See Is You] Una Mae Carlisle (m) Robert Sour (l) 1941 Peggy Lee w Benny Goodman & his Orch rec Aug 20th 1941 Chicago also- Una Mae Carlisle w Charlie Shavers & John Kirby '41 Martha Tilton '50 Cab Calloway & his Orch I see a million people, but all I can see is you. I hear a million voices, but only your voice comes through. I wait for your footsteps, I've waited before, I know if it's you if you knock at my door, I know you're around by the sound of my pounding heart! I see a million faces, but what do I really see? A million little traces keep bringing you back to me; And try as I may to forget to care, What can I do if you're always there? I see a million people, but all I can see is you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2008)


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