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I SEE ONLY SUNSHINE (Alex Chilton) The Box Tops I sat last night at midnight, Blinded by the daylight, Sitting at the window, thinking about you and me I see our lives together, I see our love forever, I picture in my heart every night how it's gonna be Yea, Lord now... I see only sunshine For you and me, for years to come, now I can see it, can't you see it too? We can share the nighttime ‘Til the morning’s shining squints our eyes, now Years of loving me and years of loving only you I catch myself in daydreams, Thinking about the hard times we've seen We've been through it; there ain't nothing but good times ahead I walk into walls, forget things, Forget too match my clothes, my ears ring It circles in my head, did you listen to what I said, now? Yea, Lord now… (chorus)


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