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ISLAND CALYPSO From the film "Zombies On Broadway" (1945) (Lancelot Pinard) Sir Lancelot (Film Soundtrack) - 1945 De Calypso singer is here to welcome you Because he knows it's de t'ing to do De visitors when dey look around Are happy with the beauty of dis island town De coconut palm and de banana tree And de pretty girls are what dey see And de visitors are happy all de while Because it's a dream of a tropical isle A joy supreme! Dis is de island of golden dreams! But de visitors would not so happy be If dey could see what's behind the tree If dey could see de eyes which are watching dem Dey would leave this island of evil men But if dey wait 'til de full moon comes De shine on the hands of the voodoo drums De chance to leave may come too late And blood on the ground will mark their fate Ah, woe, too late! Blood on the ground will mark their fate!


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