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I SMELL TROUBLE (JACKSON, MELVIN) 1994 Buddy Guy Lord knows I've tried To do what's right One whole year of stayin' home Both day and night 'Cause I smell a mean trouble Way over yonder You know I heard a mean, yeah Always in trouble people Lord they just won't let me be The people talk about me Both night and day I said, Lord please forgive them And go the other way 'Cause I smell a mean trouble Lord I smell trouble Ahead of me, oh yeah Yes, always in trouble Lord, they just won't let me be And from now on I will not run and hide I'll face trouble with a smile And hope it pass me by 'Cause I smell a mean trouble Way over yonder I say I heard a mean Yes, always in trouble They just won't They just won't Lord, they just won't Let me be Hoo, oh yeah (Transcribed by Peter Maria S - April 2013)


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