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I SPEAK TO THE STARS From the film "Lucky Me" (1954) (Sammy Fain / Paul Francis Webster) Doris Day - 1954 Margaret Whiting - 1954 I speak to the stars In a sky full of wonder In a world full of magic It may be they can hear What my heart is thinkin' of (We can hear your heart, we know what you're thinking of) I speak to the stars And I ask them to tell me Am I making a blunder Is this just an illusion Or is it really love (Is this really love) Do I make too much Of the promise in a stranger's eyes What will happen when the magic dies Am I riding for a fall I speak to the stars And I wait for an answer Little stars won't you tell me But they don't seem to hear As they twinkle up above So I turn from them And speak to my heart And my heart tells me I'm in love (You can trust your heart for your heart does never lie you're in love) I'm in love (You're in love) I'm in love (You're in love) I'm in love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle, Monique Adriaansen, & Carlene Bogle - May 2004)


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