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IS SHE MY GIRL FRIEND? (HOW-DE-OW-DOW) (Lyrics: Jack Yellen / Music: Milton Ager) Van & Schenck - 1927 Coon-Sanders Orch. (vocal: Joe Sanders) - 1927 Jay C. Flippen & His Gang - 1927 Johnny Marvin - 1927 The Varsity Eight - 1927 The University Six - 1927 Midnight Ramblers - 1927 Palace Garden Orch. - 1927 Max Fisher & His California Orch. - 1927 The Radio Imps - 1928 Ray Miller & His Hotel Gibson Orch. - 1928 Ray Starita & The Piccadilly Revels Band - 1928 Also recorded by: Max Fisher & His California Orch.; Golden Gate Orch. How-de-ow-dow That's how I feel today Is she my girlfriend How-de-ow-dow Hey, hey, I'm proud to say She's my girlfriend now Am I her boyfriend How-de-ow-dow Well, well, if I must tell I'm her boyfriend now I guess she likes me I don't think I'm wrong It kinda strikes me We're gonna get along Is she my girlfriend How-de-ow-dow Gee-whiz, I'll say she is And I'm her boyfriend now ******************** As recorded by GUS VAN & JOE SHENCK, 23rd November 1927: How-de-ow-dow Oh boy, what's wrong with you? How-de-ow-dow Have you gone crazy too? (Say, you should see who fell for me) (Just look over there) Over where? (D'you see those big blue eyes and that curly hair) Is she your girlfriend How-de-ow-dow Hey, hey, what's that you say (Why, she's my girlfriend now) And you're her boyfriend How-de-ow-dow Well, well, at last you fell (Yes, I'm her boyfriend now) (She kinda likes me too, and she don't make no fuss) You know, it kinda strikes me that I knew her first And she's your girlfriend How-de-ow-dow You big sap (What?), lucky chap (Yes, I'm her boyfriend now) And she's your girlfriend How-de-ow-dow Is her name Tess? (How'd'you guess?) And you're her boyfriend now (Why, of course) And she's your girlfriend How-de-ow-dow Does she live alone? (Umm-hmm) Is this her phone? (Yes) And you're her boyfriend now (Well, what of it?) Is this your watch? (Say, where did you get that?) Hah-hah, she gave it to me last night at her flat And she's you're girlfriend (No, no, no, no) You see this thing, that's my diamond ring (Well, it looks like we're both a couple of chumps now) Just take a look at my girlfriend Isn't she sweet How-dow-de-ow-dow-de-ow-dow-de-ow-dow You bet your life that she is mighty neat You're lookin' right at her boyfriend Lookin' at me How-dow-de-ow-dow-de-ow-dow-de-ow-dow Just about as happy as can be How do I know, do I know, do I know That she's wild about me, she'll never doubt me Not long ago, long ago, long ago Her lovin' kisses told me so And do I care for my girlfriend Baby, and how Crazy about her, I can't live without her She's my little girlfriend now (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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