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I TAKE TO YOU Harry Warren (m) Mack Gordon (l) 1936 as rec by Anita O'Day w Gene Krupa & his Orch April 11th 1941 New York also rec by- Lena Horne w Noble Sissle & his Orch '36 Martha Tilton w Charles Dance & his Orch '41 Adelaide Hall Johnny Long & his Orch Like a duck takes to water, Like the flowers take to dew, Like a Latin takes to a Latin quarter, I take to you! Like a fish takes to swimmin', Like the Irish take to stew, Like a sultan takes to a flock of women, I take to you! Like moon and June, Kiss and bliss, A park bench and a tree; They all go together, Honey, so do we! Like a spark takes to gleamin', Like the moonbeam to the blue, Like a lover takes to a night of dreamin', I take to you, baby, I take to you! Like horns and strings, Drums and things, A xxxx, a clef and a key; They all go together, Honey, so do we! Like a vocalist takes to hummin', (scat) Trumpets and trombones too, Like the Krupa takes to drummin', I take to you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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