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IT ALL BEGINS AND ENDS WITH WITH YOU (Frank Froeba / Jack Palmer) Frank Froeba& His Swing Band (vocal: Midge Williams / Trumpet Solo: Bunny Berigan) - 1936 Red Norvo& His Orch. (vocal: Mildred Bailey) - 1936 Tommy Dorsey& His Orch. - 1950 It all begins and ends with you You're part of ev'rything I do How can the dreams I dream come true Without your love It all began with just a kiss And to the end remember this Whatever love commands, my future's in your hands That's how the matter stands It all begins and ends with you Can't I be more than friends with you Please say what you intend to do It's time I knew Tell me that you love me Give romance a chance My very life depends on you It all begins and ends with you, sweetheart (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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