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IT COMES AND GOES (Bill Anderson) (1963) Eddy Arnold Also recorded by: Burl Ives; Daniel O'Donnell; Connie Smith. Everybody asks if I still love you And if you're still on my mind They ask me to tell 'em 'bout my broken heart And I tell 'em that I'm feeling fine I lie a little bit, and I proudly say Our book of love is closed And your memory never bothers me And when it does it comes and goes Chorus: It comes and goes all right Comes every morning and it goes all night I save a lot of pride and I haven't really lied I just tell 'em that it comes and goes Everybody asks if I cried when you left me And if I've cried for you since They hope I have so they can all get together And laugh it up at my expense So I lie a little bit and I proudly say Not one tear drop flows When there is a little pain it's not a constant thing It kinda just comes and goes Chorus


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