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IT'S EASY (Bagdasarian) (Ros Bagdasarian) as recorded by Julie London with The Music Of David Seville March 1958 If you want a warm embrace, Now's the time and here's the place. Don't be bashful, don't be coy, I'm a girl and you're a boy, It's easy, it's easy! If you want a lovin' kiss, This is how you'll never miss. Move up closer, have no fear, Whisper things I wanna hear, It's easy, it's easy! If you want to break the ice, Then you must use a continental force. Hold me tight and hold me nice, And then relax, let nature take its course! If you want to marry me, Ask me now and I'll agree. We could be a lovin' pair, I can cook but you won't care, It's easy, so easy, Quite easy, it's easy! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2015)


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