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I THINK I'LL TAKE A WALK (Jack Clement) Charley Pride - 1969 I think I'll take a boat and sail the ocean And spend my life just roaming on the sea And kiss the girls from Panama to China Then she'll be sorry she mistreated me I think I'll take a walk and think it over 'Cause things are gettin' tougher for me here Now that someone else has come between us I think I'll take a walk and disappear I'll think about the way it makes me jealous To see her walking arm in arm with him And I'll think about the stars up in the heavens And wish that I could be on one of them I think I'll take a walk just to forget her And walk about a million miles from here I have a notion to just be a rambler I think I'll take a walk and disappear (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2017)


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