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I THINK OF YOU (Music: Frances Lai / Lyrics: Rod McKuen) Glenn Yarbrough - 1970 Perry Como - 1971 Also recorded by: Rod McKuen; Vera Lynn; Pedro Vargas. When I'm alone at night And there's no one to comfort me I think of you And suddenly my pillow Is your face and your arms And when the winter wind Comes chasin' after me I think of you And it's as though I crawl Beneath the blanket soft and warm How did I get from dark to daylight Before you happened to pass by How did I find my way through life Before you brightened up my sky Was there a sky at all Until you painted it for me How did I get on Till you came along Who knows how many times I pause in every day To think of you As often as the sun sails out Upon the silent sea And if you're wond'rin why it is I only think of you Well, it's because I'd like to be As close to you As you've become to me I think of you I think of you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2014)


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