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IT'LL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME (Sam Bobrick / Norman Blagman) Baby Washington - 1965 Thee Midniters - 1966 Timi Yuro - 1969 Little Willie G. - 2000 Also recorded by: Los Lobos; Rocky Padilla; Pat Lewis. I know you've come to tell me that it's over Oh, oh, yeah, well all right, I'll let you go free But, baby, though it may be over for you It'll never be over for me Made up my mind not to start crying, oh, oh no But there's more than the eye can see 'Cause, baby, inside my heart is breaking apart 'Cause it'll never be over for me I know every time I look up at the stars Your face is gonna come into view, yeah And every time the wild wind touches my lips Ooh, I'll think of your kiss and feel, feel so blue If ever you find that you were mistaken, oh, oh yeah No matter how long that my heart breaks Just come on back, oh, forget about everything else 'Cause it may be, may be over for you, yeah But it'll never be over for me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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